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Who are we?

Contemplate Weight Loss brings together two research-focused creators who are determined to help others. 


Dr. Jason Wessel, a psychologist who pioneered the Contemplate approach with his award wining research, and Douglas Broughton, a seasoned technologist and humanist with an emphasis on empowerment and privacy.

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Dr. Jason Wessel

Jason has spent the last 10 years helping people get out of their own way. One-on-one and at scale with technology.

Early frustrations as a rehabilitation counsellor working with enthusiastic but 'stuck' clients led him to a PhD on procrastination. Contemplate is an evolution of Jason's research, which flipped the standard model on its head and digitised micro-doses of motivation.

Jason's research on procrastination has won several academic awards and been featured by the BBC, ABC, and several smaller media organisations.

Douglas Broughton

Doug is a software engineer and seasoned tech entrepreneur.

Doug is a servant leader and is married to a life coach. When he learned about Contemplate in 2020, he instantly saw its potential to empower people to meet their goals.

Doug is also the founder of Vendible, an integrated payments platform that aims to lower the barrier to using digital assets, including to the billions of underbanked people worldwide.

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