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An app that keeps you motivated by prompting you to think about your values, the strategies that work for you, and how you are in control.

What people are saying

Nikki (Day 36)

"I signed up for a very expensive fitness/nutrition program back in mid December and came across your article on BBC and started using contemplate in March[...] I think I have seen the biggest behavioral shift from using contemplate vs  the program I paid for. Thank you!! I look forward to each day's contemplation"

Persistence > Perfection

We're not here to tell you what to do. We're here to help you consistently do what you want to do.

Backed by science

A scientifically backed method for closing the gap between your weight loss intentions and actions.

Is it right for me?

That depends: Have you tried to lose weight before, but with mixed success? If life happened and you lost momentum, this is for you.

How it works

Each day, we will give you a new idea to reflect on. Or more accurately, you will give us one.

Personalize Your Experience

In less than 60 seconds a day, until you reach your goal weight, we will ask you a question, selected at random, designed to trigger reflection and action towards your weight loss goal.

Weight loss is a long journey, with persistence more important than perfection.

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As you contemplate and track your weight, we will work our magic in the background and make sure you’re contemplating the right things to help you with your journey.

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